Power systems globally are evolving at a rapid pace. Increasing amounts of renewable power production are being introduced, the majority of energy consumption is becoming electrified, new technology is under continuous development, digital solutions are being adopted and power system markets are becoming more integrated across national borders and grid levels. Sonja Berlijn, Statnett's Senior Vice President R&D, points out that "Changes are taking place at a rapid pace. There is an increasing and significant value in developing new expertise and new solutions. R&D projects must create value for both Statnett and society in general. Our commitment to R&D over the next few years has to result in the development of knowledge and solutions that will allow us to tackle future challenges and utilise future opportunities".

Greater commitment to R&D

Statnett is reinforcing its R&D ambitions, with the goal of contributing to a fully electrified Norway. It is strengthening its commitment to introducing new and innovative solutions. Statnett's R&D budget for 2020 will be approximately NOK 110 million, an increase of more than 20 per cent compared to this year's figure.


Increased knowledge needed

The demand for new solutions and new expertise is on the rise. Additionally, there is a need to implement solutions based on new knowledge that has become available. "One of our current challenges is that the development of the knowledge that we will need in the future is insufficient. Tomorrow's smart, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions will be based on knowledge that we do not yet have. We need new knowledge and future-oriented opportunities; we need to develop new solutions; and we need to better understand the risks involved in various trends" comments Berlijn.


New proposals for R&D programmes sought

Statnett's R&D project portfolio will in the future focus primarily on the following three main areas:

  • Digital, safe and cost-effective assets
  • Data-driven real-time decision support
  • Collaboration in the energy system of the future

"We are looking for good project proposals that fit into our planned focus areas" says Berlijn, who welcomes proposals from both individual organisations and consortia.


Submit your proposals via statnett.no

Proposals for R&D projects should be submitted via statnett.no. The deadline is 30 April 2019.

Read more about new R&D proposals here