The power sector is going through fundamental changes, and large amounts of new renewable energy must be added to the power system in order to reduce climate emissions through electrification and secure balance in the power system in Norway. Statnett's activity in innovation and technology development shall facilitate the enabling of the green change of pace and promote innovation through research, technology development, knowledge, and insight. Through this work, we will create value for Statnett by doing things in a smarter way, reducing costs, and increasing the safety of our employees.

Statnett is interested in proposals in these areas:

  • Automation and control of power system operations
  • Interconnected AC/DC transmission systems
  • Cooperation between transmission and distribution system operators, electrification and flexibility
  • Socio-economic methods in a time of rapid system changes
  • Communication, data management and cyber security
  • Capacity increase
  • Digital substation
  • Efficient technologies and construction methods
  • Digital twin and condition-based asset management
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of nature- and bio-diversity
  • Secure facilities and safety for employees


How to submit your project proposal

Project proposals are sent to us by following this form. In addition, we would like you to upload more details about your project proposal by using this PowerPoint template. RnD project description (1).pptx

You can download a template that you can use to help fill in the project proposal.

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