We offer summer jobs, intern programmes, apprenticeships and expert help in connection with Bachelor and Master dissertations. You can read more about the different offers available below.

If you have any questions about these offers, please send an e-mail to: studentkontakt@statnett.no.

Summerjobs and apprenctice
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There are currently no vacancies at Statnett.

Summer jobs

Statnett hires 50–100 students and young people on a summer contract every year. We offer jobs suitable for engineering and civil engineering students, as well as jobs that do not require any special qualifications or prior knowledge.

Our summer jobs provide you with relevant experience and insight into the Norwegian power system and can open the doors to a potential future career at Statnett. Most of the positions are at our head office in Nydalen in Oslo, but opportunities are also available in other areas of the country.

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Statnett’s interns have a unique opportunity to contribute to the organisation’s ongoing development. As an intern, you will receive challenging work assignments that are adapted to your technical background and interests. We offer positions within multiple areas of the organisation, which provide opportunities for solid multidisciplinary and personal development. The programme lasts for 18 months with the possibility of work placements at our offices in Brussels, with the Swedish power company Kraftnät or with the Danish power company Energinet.

To be considered for an internship, you should have a Master’s degree (or a minimum of five years’ college education) in electric power, energy and environment, construction, IT, industrial economics and technology management or other relevant degree paths.

Internships are advertised every autumn to commence in September the following year.

The KUBE summer project

Each summer, Statnett arranges a multidisciplinary student project called KUBE, which gives six students the opportunity to work on one of the challenges facing Statnett in the future. The students will work together and can expect a sharp learning curve, effective teamwork and an exciting opportunity to put theoretical studies into practice. The result of the project is presented to Statnett’s Group management and employees. The project lasts for seven weeks, beginning in June.

KUBE positions are advertised every winter. Like to know more? Email us: kube@statnett.no.

Expert help and support for Bachelor and Master dissertations

Many students write project-based dissertations at Statnett. We offer professional help and support through your own contact person and easy access to information. Many of those who have written their dissertation with us have subsequently got summer jobs, internships and permanent jobs at Statnett.

Interested in writing your dissertation with us? Please submit your proposal using our project form (unfortunately only in Norwegian). We only accept dissertation proposals via this form, and review submissions twice a year: 15 November and 15 April. Replies will be sent out shortly afterwards, well before the university enrolment deadline.

If you’re looking for data for a dissertation, we recommend that you check out this page.


We accept keen and motivated apprentice power-supply fitters from all around Norway every year, particularly students from VG2 Elenergi. As an apprentice at Statnett, you will help maintain the security of supply and ensure that power is continuously supplied to all consumers in Norway.

Apprenticeships are divided between substation groups and cable areas, who mainly work on connection stations and overhead power lines, respectively. During your apprenticeship, you will work across these groupings.

Apprenticeships normally run for two and a half years. You will complete the VG3 power supply fitter theory exam approx. one and a half years into your training. The apprenticeship concludes with a practical technical test. 

Positions will be advertised in February with the application deadline in March. The selection process takes place in April and May, to commence in August. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: laerling@statnett.no.