"After more than three years as CEO, I am happy to see that the company is well underway with implementing the "Green Change of Pace" strategy that was developed in 2021. The last years have been extraordinary, and as the company has delivered on a substantial transformation, I find it the right time for me to move on," says Hilde Tonne.

"It has been an honor to work with the important mandate and responsibilities of Statnett, and not least together with all the highly skilled employees of Statnett, and it is now the time for me to step down," says Tonne.

Hilde Tonne took on the position as CEO in March 2021. Shortly after she started, Norway and Europe experienced that the green shift accelerated, and there was great turmoil in the energy markets in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This impacted an energy system in substantial transition and set new demands on expanding and operating the power grid and the power system.

Under Tonne's leadership, Statnett established a new strategy, named "the Green Shift of Pace" and implemented several measures to increase the pace of transition. Increased investments and transformations are set in motion to ensure a robust grid that can handle the expected massive increase in consumption and electrification. Over the last three years, Statnett has contributed to enable Norway to set a course and over time achieve the climate goals in a sustainable manner.

"Working in Statnett has been highly rewarding, and I am proud of the work that has been done to establish and implement an offensive green strategy," says Tonne.

"Statnett is a fantastic company with highly skilled employees that really deliver and make an effort – together. I will miss the people, everyone I have met and worked with during my tenure," says Hilde Tonne.

"When I pass the baton, I am confident that Statnett is very well placed to solve the massive and important tasks the company is facing in the coming years," says Tonne.

Tonne will remain in the position of CEO in Statnett until 1 June.

"Hilde has delivered an great effort for Statnett and in preparing Norway and the Norwegian power system for the transition that is needed to face the climate challenge and to ensure sufficient power for future industry in Norway," says Chair of the Board Nils Kristian Nakstad.

"I want to thank Hilde for her leadership in a time of significant transition, and the results she has delivered. Hilde will continue and ensure continuity until we have found her successor. We will start the process of finding a new CEO shortly," says Nakstad.