The challenge

The power industry is undergoing major changes and is facing challenges spanning multiple sectors, industries and enterprises. Many observers who feel that society is set for a digital revolution are highlighting the importance of realising the potential of information technology. Statnett must become even more customer-orientated, and interaction between stakeholders such as network companies, system operators, producers, distributors, regulators and potential new stakeholders must be strengthened. System operators such as Statnett are already dealing with particularly complex interaction tasks. These are presenting major challenges in areas such as independence, external synergies, efficiency and control. Statnett will also interact with new stakeholders in the energy system of the future.

Given the accelerating rate of change Statnett is faced with, the challenges around these types of interactions are only expected to increase. These cannot be managed by one company alone, or at a single level in one organisation. Preparing good solutions will require effective interaction across both internal and external organisational boundaries. It will also require interaction with stakeholders from other sectors, for example the transport sector and other energy producers.

The goal

The main goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of relevant approaches that promote efficient interaction in Statnett’s ecosystems, focusing on the energy system of the future.

The project

The project will provide an in-depth understanding of relevant approaches that promote cross-functional interaction, and trial these in practice. It will also be important to accumulate expertise at Statkraft and engage more with central research resource pools in this area.

Project participants

  • The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (HH-NMBU)
  • Statnett
  • The Research Council of Norway


The project is being implemented as an Industrial PhD and is funded by the Research Council of Norway’s Industrial PhD Scheme (and Statnett, with guidance from NMBU).