The challenge

Statnett has an ambition to become more data driven, both with regards to business process design as well as decision making. There are business needs in several domains within the entire organization that relies on easy access to relevant and high-quality data, as part of a solid digital foundation. Two of these business areas where we see a lot of potential are Smarter Asset Management (SAM) and Power System Analysis (PSA). 

Knowledge about the condition of our assets will lead to better asset management decisions. We need to be better at balancing security and quality of supply against the cost of different measures like maintenance, reinvestments and investing in new capacity. We also need to be better at evaluating such measures against each other to optimize the life cycle cost (LCC) of our assets. Our aim is to make these decisions based on data. 



The goal

We have built on the results from SAMBA and other relevant R&D projects. We have made test applications for prioritized use cases, working on the entire end-to-end value chain from data gathering (sensors) to analysis and decision making. This has given us great insight with regards to our own data quality and availability, or lack thereof, how to improve data quality and work around missing time series, the value of contextualizing data, how to safely transfer and store sensitive data in the cloud etc.

To further mature our architecture blueprints and understand the impact of and benefits of using new technology, in particular cloud solutions, Statnett entered into an R&D contract with Cognite. We wanted to learn how this kind of technology can help us solve our business needs. We also wanted to experience how teaming up with a technology partner as an integrated part of our cross-functional teams would help us speed up application development.



The project

The R&D activity in FRIDA is concentrated on two product teams:

  • Smarter Asset Management (SAM)
  • Power System Analysis (PSA)


Three specific R&D packages are set up outside the product teams:

  • WP1 Power SDK
  • WP2 Model hosting
  • WP3 Contextualisation framework for Statnett


Project participants

Statnett (project owner)