Statnett owns all grid facilities and manages capacity at the highest grid level

Whenever increased power exchange will affect the transmission grid, the connection must be clarified both with Statnett and with the local grid operator to which the facility is to be connected. When you connect to a local grid operator, it is the grid operator who makes this clarification with Statnett on your behalf as the end customer.

In the vast majority of cases, new grid customers will be connected via a local or regional grid operator. It will normally only be relevant to consider connecting directly to the transmission grid when connecting major power exchanges (in the order of 300 MW and upwards). As a first step, therefore, you should always contact your local grid operator about your need for capacity.

They will guide you through their process and contact Statnett to clarify the capacity in the transmission grid. If your local grid operator and Statnett determine that your project should be connected directly to the transmission grid, the customer dialogue will be transferred to Statnett, and you will follow our process for direct customers. As a rule, this will only be relevant for a small number of industrial customers with particularly high power needs – or major power producers. For all other customers, the dialogue will be with your local grid operator.

We provide here an overview of the various steps in the process, both for local grid operators and for our direct customers. At the bottom of the page, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions, a form for sending enquiries about capacity and contact information.