What can you expect to work on?

Statnett owns and operates the central power grid and contributes to uniting Norway. Our future work will be characterised by high construction activities and consideration for the external environment. In addition, new technology and digitalisation will play an even greater role in the development of the power system. At Statnett, you will help shape this work and pave the way for climate solutions and an electric future.
We employ a variety of specialists, including civil engineers and engineers within electrical power, ICT and construction. There are also many opportunities for economists with different specialisations, legal practitioners and social scientists. In other words, with multiple positions in multiple disciplines, Statnett is sure to have a position to suit your skills and interests.

Being employed at Statnett

At Statnett, we can guarantee you challenging tasks that allow you the opportunity to develop and have a say in defining your daily working life. We have been rated as one of Norway’s best workplaces for many years in a row. We have a good working environment, characterised by an informal atmosphere and supportive colleagues. Statnett’s expectations for management and employee conduct are defined by our core values: a long-term perspective, respect and community. It is important, therefore, that you identify with these.

Available positions

We're working on translating the list of vacancies into English

Available positions 
Title Workplace Department Deadline
Systemdriftsingeniør Alta Regionsentral Nord, Statnett Snarest
Vil du styrke miljøet og øke kapasiteten i seksjonene som vedlikeholder Norges operative kraft- og markedsmodell? Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett Snarest
Løsningsarkitekt SME  Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett Snarest
Systemdriftsingeniør Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett Snarest
Seksjonsleder design og funksjon Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett Snarest
Rådgiver GIS Oslo Geografiske informasjonssystemer, Statnett Snarest
Systemdriftsingeniør Landssentralen Oslo Statnett Snarest
Er du vår nye Ingeniør/Senioringeniør? Oslo Kontrollanlegg Prosjekt, Statnett 5/30/2024
Bli med å legge vår strategiske plan for utvikling av fremtidens kraftsystem! Vi søker en erfaren rådgiver Oslo 5/30/2024
Tax Manager/ Spesialrådgiver Oslo Regnskap, Statnett 6/3/2024
Vil du være med og bygge fremtidens kraftsystem i Norge? Statnett søker byggeledere! Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/4/2024
Lagermedarbeider Trondheim Beredskap, transport, lager og logistikk, Statnett 6/7/2024
Senioringeniør mekanisk prosjektering Oslo Ledning, Statnett 6/9/2024
Senioringeniør - Microsoft Active Directory og Azure Entra ID Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/9/2024
Kraftsystemanalytiker Oslo Kraftsystemanalyse Vest/Sør, Statnett 6/9/2024
Seniorrådgiver/ Prosjektleder FoU & Innovasjon - utvikling av nett til havs Energisystemet 2050, Utvikling Hav og Innovasjonsstøtte, Statnett 6/9/2024
Planansvarlig Nord Regionale planer Nord, Midt og Øst, Statnett 6/10/2024
Systemarkitekt Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/10/2024
Er du en byggingeniør med interesse for kraftbransjen? Statnett søker teknisk ansvarlig bygg og konstruksjon Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/10/2024
Produkteier/Domeneansvarlig Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/10/2024
Informasjonsarkitekt Oslo Informasjonsforvaltning og -arkitektur, Statnett 6/10/2024
Led arbeidet med å utvikle driftskritiske, skybaserte tjenester i Statnett! Seksjonsleder søkes til nyopprettet seksjon Oslo Statnett SF, Statnett 6/10/2024
Application Operations Engineer SCADA applikasjonsdrift, Statnett 6/11/2024
Application Operations Engineer Markedssystemer applikasjonsdrift, Statnett 6/11/2024
Senior Financial Controller Konsernregnskap, Statnett 6/20/2024

Norwegian is our work language. All open positions are posted in Norwegian. A basic level of written and spoken Norwegian is a prerequisite for most positions. Displaying fluency level and/or willingness to learn Norwegian will strengthen an applicant's candidature.