Board of Directors and Group Management

Get to know our Board of Directors and Group Management better.

Statnett's Board of Directors

Jon Fredrik  Baksaas
Jon Fredrik Baksaas

Board member since 2018, Chairman since 2018.

Experience: CEO of Telenor 2002–2015. Prior to that, a number of key positions at Telenor. Experience from Aker, Stolt-Nielsen Seaway and Det Norske Veritas.

After Telenor: International telecom consultant and advisor for Norwegian technology start-ups, also in the energy sector.

Board member of LM Ericsson AB and Handelsbanken AB.

Tove Elisabeth  Pettersen
Tove Elisabeth Pettersen
Deputy Chair

Board member since 2018.

Experience: Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Bane NOR SF, former Senior Vice President at Hafslund ASA.

Maria  Sandsmark
Maria Sandsmark
Board member

Board member since 2013.

Member of the Remuneration Committee and the Project Committee

Experience: Researcher at Møreforskning Molde AS, Associate Professor at Molde University College and consultant at ECON analysis.

Egil  Gjesteland
Egil Gjesteland
Board member

Board member since 2012.

Head of the Project Committee.

Directorships: Egypt Solar B.V.

Experience: Owner of Gjesteland Consulting, IT Director and Project Director for a number of Statoil’s oil and gas projects.

Einar Anders Strømsvåg
Einar Anders Strømsvåg
Board member

Board member since 2015.

Head of the Audit Committee.

Directorships: Chairman of the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, member of the Executive Board of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

Experience: Senior Advisor at Statoil, as well as various executive positions at Statoil, including director of the Group Audit function.

Pernille  Dørstad
Pernille Dørstad
Employee-elected Board member

Experience: Senior Engineer at Statnett, Civil Engineer and Project Manager at Statoil and Kværner. Deputy Safety Representative, Statnett. Chief Employee Representative / Head of the Statnett branch of Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals).

Ole Bjørn Kirstihagen
Ole Bjørn Kirstihagen
Employee-elected Board member

Experience: Operator at Norsk Hydro’s systems control centre. Worked with procurement and operation of computer systems at Statnett’s control centres. Chief Employee Representative / Head of NITO’s (The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists) corporate group at Statnett.

Steinar  Jøråndstad
Steinar Jøråndstad
Employee-elected Board member

Employee-elected Board member since 2004, employee since 1981.

Member of the project committee.

Experience: Team coordinator in Statnett’s division for Systems Operations, Asset Management and Markets, Head of the nationwide Electrician and IT Workers Union, member of the Working Environment Committee and Chief Safety Representative at Statnett.

Statnett's Group Management

Auke Lont
Auke Lont

Employed as President and CEO in 2009.

Education/qualifications: Master’s in Econometrics from Vrije University in Amsterdam.

Previous positions: CEO of ECON and Naturkraft, and various executive positions at Statoil.

Directorships: Director at Bane NOR SF and Spekter

Håkon Borgen
Håkon Borgen
Executive Vice President Technology and Development

Employed in 1995 and a member of Group management since 2004.

Education/qualifications: Civil Engineer from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (THD) in Germany.

Previous positions: Several executive positions at BKK and several directorships at Statnett.

Directorships: Chair of NordLink Norge AS. 

Elisabeth  Vike Vardheim
Elisabeth Vike Vardheim
Executive Vice President Construction

Employed in 2007 and a member of Group management since 2014.

Education/qualifications: MSc from NTNU, Degree in Business Administration, Master’s in Board Governance from the Norwegian Business School (BI).

Previous positions: Executive positions at Statnett, in the public sectorand in construction projects.

Directorships: Chair of Statnett Transport AS.

Peer Olav Østli
Peer Olav Østli
Executive Vice President Grid Operations

Employed in 2007 and a member of Group management since 2007.

Education/qualifications: Master’s in Computer Science and postgraduate studies in management from Henley Business School in the UK.

Previous positions: Director at Telenor, Schibsted Nett and Scandinavia Online AB, Head of Technology at NRK.

Directorships: Chairman of Elhub AS and member of DIGITALNORWAY – Toppindustrisenteret AS. 

Knut  Hundhammer
Knut Hundhammer
Executive Vice President CFO Corporate and Public Relations

Employed in 2011 and a member of Group management since 2011.

Education/qualifications: Norwegian Military Academy and MBA from Wharton School of Business in the USA.

Previous positions: Company Commander in the Norwegian Armed Forces, consultant at McKinsey & Co, Director at HUAL AS, CFO of Finansbanken ASA, President of Klavenes Gruppen and President of the Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi). 

Beate  Sander Krogstad
Beate Sander Krogstad
Executive Vice President IT

Employed in 2009 and a member of group management since 2019.

Education and qualifications: Master’s degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and postgraduate studies in international management from the FGV Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Previous positions: Manager at Accenture, several management roles and directorships at Statnett

Directorships: Board member,  Helse Vest IKT

Gunnar G. Løvås
Gunnar G. Løvås
Executive Vice President Market and System Operation

Education and qualifications: Løvås has a Master’s degree in Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a doctorate in mathematical statistics from the University of Oslo.

Previous positions: Løvås has more than 20 years’ experience in the energy industry. He was a member of Statnett’s group management team between 2007 and 2014, serving as Executive Vice President for respectively Grid Development and Strategy and Public Affairs. Between 2014 and 2016 he was Deputy Director General at the Norwegian National Rail Administration.

Directorships: Chairman in Elhub AS, boardme ber in Fifty AS, NordLink Norge AS.