The goal of the investment in research, technology development and innovation in the energy area is to contribute to increased value creation and a safe, cost-effective and sustainable utilization of Norwegian energy resources. Statnett's research and development environment will promote innovation towards the realization of a fully electrified Norway and focus on solutions that increase the pace of innovation through the green transition.

The restructuring creates an increasing need for new solutions and new competence within all core areas in Statnett. Dealing with the future challenges in a converter-dominated power system is a prerequisite for the green transition. The development, and application, of new technology is crucial to ensure that the significant investments will bring us through the green transition in an cost-efficient way.

Statnett's activity within Innovation and Technology Development shall enable the green transition and promote innovation through research, technology development, knowledge and insight. We will create value in Statnett by helping to work smarter, reduce costs and increase safety for our employees. The work with technology development will facilitate and be a driving force for new technical solutions and improvements to be implemented in Statnett

In many years, we have been working in collaboration with Nordic research communities. The TSO's in the Nordic synchronous system shares several of the same challenges, such as those caused by the weather and climatic conditions. In addition, the Nordic countries have a long tradition of sharing information, expertise, resources and best practices in power system operation.

The European countries share the same goal about a sustainable future. The European commission and ENTSO-E are the driving forces in technology development necessary for the green transition. Technology is international and collaboration and knowledge exchange between the European TSO's is of high importance. Statnett participates actively in ENTSO-E / RDIC and in EU projects.

It is desirable and necessary to build up strategic knowledge environments at universities and research institutions, and within the industry as a whole.

Statnett will participate in relevant consortia to boost technology development together with industry, research institutions, academia and other stakeholders.

Today we have a collaboration agreement with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), to secure the maintenance and continued development of expertise in selected strategic areas for Statnett, including support for multiple educational positions.