There will be arranged 2-4 network meetings per year, which will be an arena for presentations, exchange of experience, development of good practice and discussions. All network members will get access to a channel in Teams, where presentations and summaries from previous meetings will be made available. In the channel it will also be possible to share relevant content, ask questions and contribute in discussions. Membership in the network is free of charge, and everyone who works with power market modelling is welcome to join. The network is user focused, meaning that the agenda and topics will focus on the needs of the users.  


If you want to join the network you can click on the following link : 

Attend the first network meeting 

The first network meeting will be held Thursday 14th of September 12:00-16:00 o’clock in Oslo. The topic for the meeting will be: “Price volatility in hydro-dominated power systems.” More details about location, topic etc. will be distributed to the attendants later on. 


If you have joined the network and want to participate on the network meeting in September you can click on the following link: The 6th of September is the deadline for registration for the network meeting.