Throughout the summer of 2022, six students worked diligently on this task. The students spent many hours diving into a large amount of material, everything from user behavior on the websites to going in depth in Statnett's project portfolio. They were six people who came from six different environments who worked together crosswise. They had to think creatively about new ways of communicating complicated data. Statnett's project pages should be seen in connection with our development plans, investments in the network, consumption plans etc. in order to increase the user experience even further.

The students have worked independently, but also benefited from collaboration with Tommy Haugen, Team Volt, the communications department and other skilled IT personnel at Statnett.

The goal has been to look at how we can communicate data about our development projects in a more engaging way than the current solution allows. Hopefully we in Statnett, and the students themselves, will be left with a lot of useful experience, says Tommy.

Through the KUBE project, we have gained even more knowledge about the target groups and what kind of information they need, and in what way the content can be presented. In the longer term, this could lead to Statnett being able to mitigate project data even more effectively, both internally and externally, Tommy can add.