Wanted to work interdisciplinary

- I applied to the KUBE project because I wanted to work in an interdisciplinary team where I could contribute with my IT skills, and simultaneously learn more about the power system industry. This is hands on knowledge regarding the transition to a more electric society and a relevant experience when I begin my master's thesis on technological changes in society this fall.

Eline Gotaas, IT student, NTNU (KUBE 2021)


Exciting learning curve

- KUBE is one of the most exciting summer jobs I've had! When I started, I hardly knew what a transformer was, so it has been a steep and exciting learning curve. I got to see that Statnett does a lot more than I originally thought. We had the opportunity to work with new technologies and realized how IT-driven Statnett really is. Working across all layers in developing a microservice has been one of the most exciting things I've worked with.

Marius Engen, Industrial Economics and Technology Management, NTNU (KUBE 2019)


Fun experience

- KUBE has been a very fun experience. I am happy I applied for this summer job, and I could not have been more satisfied. In the beginning, I was uncertain of what Statnett wanted us to do, but after receiving the research question, everything became very clear. We got a good introduction and great insight into what Statnett does. With help from many different people and departments in Statnett, we finally finished the service we developed. The experience I have had here in Statnett is extremely good!

Håkon Wardeberg, Data Technology, NTNU (KUBE 2019)


Educational for an IT student

- This summer job has been incredibly exciting and educational for me as an IT student. We received great guidance by experienced developers within modern technologies and frameworks so we could develop and produce a microservice. We delivered a microservice that showed great value to Statnett, and that we were proud of, which is important to me. I highly recommend others to work at Statnett if they want to work with new technologies and in a company that takes care of their employees.

Ola Lium, Data Technology, NTNU (KUBE 2019)