We urge everyone who works within the electrical power sector to submit their project proposals to us. Use our special form to submit your R&D project proposal. 

Experience problems with the form? Contact us at fou@statnett.no


Where Statnett contributes to a project’s funding, we must, at the very least, be entitled to use any results deriving from the project concerned. This does not include background information.

Where Statnett funds a project in its entirety, we may wish to hold the copyright to any results deriving from the project concerned.

The contract must be signed no later than three months after all parties have agreed that the project shall be initiated. No project may be initiated unless a contract has been drawn up and signed by all parties.


Statnett plans to arrange a virtual Tender conference March 26. 2020 at 1300 CET.

Registration: please send email to fou@statnett.no by March 23. 2020

Do you have any questions, please submit them within the same deadline to ensure answers at the conference.

The deadline or submission of project proposals is April 30. 2020

For more information, please refer to the enclosed Invitation to Tender.

See the Research Council of Norway’s website for details of their announcements.

Call for R&D proposals 2020