According to consumption prognoses for the Greater Oslo Grid Plan, the growth in electricity consumption in Oslo and Akershus could happen fairly soon.


"To handle the growth in consumption, we will begin with measures that give the fastest increase in capacity. On cold winter days, supply to Greater Oslo is from the west. Consequently, we need to reinforce one of the interconnectors from that direction," says project manager Siri Revelsby.


"An upgraded electricity connection from Hamang to Smestad will be the quickest measure and important for the power system. Statnett has therefore started looking into a potential new interconnector from Hamang to Smestad, which will replace the current 300-kV power line."


Bærum Station is located between Hamang and Smestad. Capacity at Bærum substation must also be increased to be able to distribute electricity to consumers in the future.


Thorough and broad study

Today there is an overhead line between Hamang and Smestad substations. Statnett has now launched a study to identify feasible technical solutions for a new electricity interconnector on this section.


"It is important that we acquire sufficient knowledge to ensure well-founded assessments and a sound decision-making basis. For the Hamang-Smestad interconnector, we will consider both an overhead line and an underground cable as potential technical solutions. We will also make socio-economic analyses and map buildings, infrastructure, roads and the environment," says Revelsby.


"As part of this work, we will survey the Hamang-Bærum-Smestad area in the weeks to come. Residents will observe people looking at streets and roads. They do this to assess whether, and if so where, it is possible to install underground cables."


After the assessment has been conducted, Statnett will apply for a licence from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in the course of a two-year period. During the licensing process, the NVE will submit the application for consultation, and all affected parties will have an opportunity to give their comments.  Licences for the energy sector are considered in accordance with the Norwegian Energy Act.


Do you have any questions? Please send an email to: or call our project manager Siri Revelsby on +47 23 90 33 12.