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Renewed electrisity connection from Hamang to Smestad in Oslo.

Statnett have applied to NVE for a license to replace the existing power line between Hamang and Smestad substations. 

We are applying for two alternatives in prioritized order. Firstly, we apply for overhead lines. In accordance with authority policies, we applyfor cable in trench as a second priority. Both overhead lines and cable in trench are technical solutions that will secure future supply of electricity in Greater Oslo.

On August 30, 2021, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) granted Statnett a license for the construction and operation of an approximately 12 km long overhead power line between Hamang and Smestad. NVE received 360 complaints regarding the decision. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is currently handling the appeals case regarding NVE's decision.




The current overhead lines between Hamang and Smestad were built in 1952. They are approaching the end of their technical lifespan and need upgrading. In addition, growth in electricity consumption in Oslo and Akershus could happen fairly soon, according to the consumption prognoses for the Greater Oslo Grid Plan.

To handle the growth in consumption, we will begin with measures that give the fastest increase in capacity. On cold winter days, supply to Greater Oslo is from the west. Consequently, we need to reinforce one of the interconnectors from that direction.

A renewed electricity connection from Hamang to Smestad will be the quickest measure and important for the power system. Statnett has therefore started studying a potential interconnector from Hamang to Smestad, which will replace the current 300-kV overhead line.

Bærum substation is located between Hamang and Smestad. This station also needs upgrading.