Market analysis is an important foundation for further analyses and decisions

The long-term development of the power system and the prices of power are of great importance to Statnett's operations. Statnett therefore prepares a comprehensive long-term market analysis every two years. The analysis discusses main trends and key uncertainties in the development of the power system, documents Statnett's assumptions and provides a forecast for expected power prices and possible price outcomes under different circumstances.

“Our market analysis enables us to see future operational challenges in advance and serves as an important basis for our investment decisions. In 2016, we started publishing this work in a separate report. This is part of our goal of greater transparency surrounding our assessments, and a more qualified dialogue concerning our decisions,” said Anders Kringstad, Head of Market Analysis in Statnett.

Developments in the power market towards 2050

Statnett’s long-term market analysis extends to 2050 and confirms the long-term picture that we have already seen for a while. The power sector will be central in the conversion to an energy system with ever lower CO2 emissions, and there will be major changes to the European power system along the way, with an increasing share of renewables, the phasing-out of coal power and the electrification of transport.

In addition to forecasting power prices, the report addresses developments and future challenges in the European and Nordic power systems.

The Long-term market analysis is published in Norwegian. An excecutive summary is available here.

Key figuers from the 2020 Long-term market analysis is available here.

In July 2021, Statnett produced an update to the Long-term market analysis. This is available in english, here.