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Statnett's social mandate


Component data

  • Technical descriptions of power lines, transformers and other grid components can be found in license applications and existing licneses at statnett.no/eng.
  • NVE Atlas provides a geographical overview of the norwegian power system and some component data (only in norwegian).
  • There are a few technical descriptions in results from Statnett's R&D projects. 


Fault statistics

  • All operational disturbances are reported to Statnett, and annual reports with statistcs can be downloaded here (in norwegian only). 
  • NVE publishes annual statistics on interruptions, reports can be downloaded from NVE's web site (only in norwegian).


Renewable energy

  • Production data from wind and solar in Europe can be downloaded from the  website www.renewables.ninja


Power System Data

  • From Statnett's download center you can extract various data from the power system - data on power balance, power flow, production and consumption, import and export, reserves, etc.
  • Nord Pool provides various power system data.

The power market


Grid Development




Reserve Markets


Results from Statnett's R&D