We are delighted again to be able to arrange the RD&I Conference with invited representatives from TSOs, DSOs, other energy companies, public authorities, industry representatives, universities and research institutes.

At the conference, our CEO Hilde Tonne will open the event followed by presentations with strategic highlights from central representatives in NVE, NRC, Nordic 21 in addition to the Nordic TSOs R&D directors, along with an extract of Statnett's innovative research and development projects. The conference aim to give an insight into important Nordic research in the future, discussions on challenges towards 2050 and how to best develop and manage our common energy system.

Conference themes:

Increased capacity and utilization of the transmission grid – to improve efficiency
Significant consumption and transmission growth requires increased grid transfer capacity. How can asset monitoring improve utilization and the lifespan of existing resources, and how can upgrades and construction of new assets be implemented with secure, sustainable and cost-effective technologies?

Automatic control in the transmission grid - to secure stability
The extensive growth of renewable generation with variable production combined with increased power exchange requires enhanced observability, monitoring and control. How can key processes and control systems be automated to respond within shorter timeframes, and how can systems for larger real-time data volumes, higher quality and security be technologically advanced developed?

The energy system of the future
Electrification and the drive for emission reduction will change the Norwegian and Nordic energy system from now until 2050. Power through converters from renewable generation combined with closure of large thermal and nuclear power stations, will challenge stability and frequency significantly. How can system services and closer integration with end-user flexibility be developed? And finally how will the Nordic TSOs meet the future?

If you have questions regarding the event, please contact FoU@statnett.no

Entrance Ullevaal Panorama
Entrance Ullevaal Panorama