The project has been researching the methods and methodology required to enable a transfer from asset management based on intervals to asset management based on the actual state of components in the power system. Such a system can be compared to a car telling the driver when it needs maintenance, instead of maintenance based on fixed intervals. SAMBA has resulted in twelve innovations that will enable such development.

- Collecting, managing and acting on large amounts of data will be the key, project manager at Statnett Arne Smisethjell points out. The results show that it will be possible to establish dashboards, create health indices and establish automatic responses. The premise is that data are of high quality and are indexed in a way that makes it possible to link them together, whether they are collected from sensors, weather data, drones, historical data, and more, Smisethjell says.

Monitors the health status of the power system
Since the initiation in 2016, extensive research has been carried out. The work has been led by Sintef Energi, in collaboration with ABB, GE and IBM, in addition to Statnett.

- There is a great potential to improve efficiency and for cost saving related to monitoring the various components of the power system. Additionally, there is a considerable potential in increasing knowledge about how the components react to different stress and loads. This applies not only to maintenance, but also to the possibility of utilising the power system more efficiently, Smisethjell explains.

To explore the potential in asset management based on big data, the SAMBA-project has been split into four areas; transformers, overhead lines, cables and circuit breakers. The four main topics have been split into 19 specific areas, including aging in transformer windings, the condition of line joints and temperature of high voltage cables. All topics are linked together in research on collection, handling, processing and use of data, as well as recommendations related to smarter asset management for Statnett.

- It is of high importance with thematically large research projects like SAMBA, to get an overview and gather experience. Statnett has, among other things, gained an overview of the availability and quality of historical data, in addition to results from testing at SINTEF, ABB, IBM and GE. This is a starting point for further work on the future asset management, project manager at Sintef Energi Maren Istad, emphasises.

SAMBA facilitates the asset management of tomorrow
The SAMBA-project has facilitated testing of models, methods and tools from the project participants ABB, IBM, GE and SINTEF Energy, and has resulted in a total of 12 innovations. The results and conclusions from SAMBA will now become an important part of the work on establishing the future asset management at Statnett.