All material in which the logo is used must be sent to the Communications department for proofreading and approval prior to production. The Manual is administered by the Communications department. It does not describe every possible situation, and cannot provide guidance on all visual branding. Deviation from the design programme always requires the approval of the Communications department.

The use of any text or graphical elements in direct connection with the Statnett logo is not permitted. Moreover, the logo’s elements must not be changed, and the proportional relationship between the length and width of the logo must always be maintained. Statnett’s main logo should be used on white or light-coloured backgrounds. If a photo is dark, a negative logo should be used – red and white, or grey and white.

Statnett’s logo with the approved payoff may only be used on commercial surfaces, such as for advertising campaigns, job adverts and trade fairs. In all other cases, Statnett’s main logo must be used.


Download main logo

Statnett main logo grey and red

Statnett main logo negative white and red

Statnett main logo negative white

Statnett main logo black

Download logo with payoff

Statnett logo with payoff grey and red

Statnett logo with payoff white and red

Statnett logo with payoff white

Statnett logo with payoff black

Do you need a vectorized logo, please contact the Cmmunications department.