The objective of the audit was to verify that Statnett and its subcontractors are carrying out construction in accordance with the licence and approved Construction and Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs).


The audit was conducted at 8 sites; Ofoten substation, Skamdalen, Medbyfjellet, Kvandal substation, Kvernmo, Lapphaugen, Skoelvdalen and Bardufoss substation. Statnett's construction supervisor and contractor participated along with the NVE.


The licence and approved CEMP plans are generally followed, but the lack of re-vegetation was pointed out for a number of locations as a result of the topsoil being too hard, or a lack of topsoil/vegetation mass. Statnett was also required to create a system to handle residual concrete.


Statnett was praised for clearing up and re-vegetating the drive tracks over Medbyfjellet – here the company received remarks in 2013. Statnett was also praised for its forest clearing – instead of clear-cutting along the route, some vegetation and dead trees have been preserved in order to mitigate the intervention.


The report from the NVE can be found under documents/decisions from the NVE (?). Here you can also find the final licence and approved CEMP plans.