"This is another project milestone, and shows we are making good progress," says Stig Løvlund, project manager for the Balsfjord - Skillemoen power line.


A year has passed since construction started, and so far, the contractor Rebaioli has built foundations and erected the towers. Now we have started on the task of stringing the line in the newly erected towers from Balsfjord northwards to Reisadalen.


We will use a helicopter to string the line from tower to tower. The line will be spliced by setting off a small detonation, which can be heard in the surrounding areas. Consequently, there will be some noise associated with this activity," Løvlund explains.


The work will continue throughout autumn, first from Balsfjord, then from Reisadalen and southwards.


The contractor Eltel has started work on the tower site foundations north of Reisadalen to Skillemoen in Alta. Most of the steel for the towers and foundations was transported to the sites on winter roads last winter.