District 26 appealed the CEMP plan for the Reisadalen - Skillemoen section that was approved by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in January 2016. The appeal mainly related to the district’s opinion that it has been further affected and that e.g. the periods of construction stop should be extended. Furthermore, the district wanted more new fences to be constructed, including two barrier fences towards two other districts and a new tagging facility near Iskløfta.  They also wanted 900 e-bells (GPS tagging). Moreover, the district claimed significantly higher compensation due to an estimated reduction in carcass weight, increased reindeer loss, increased herding and increased wear and tear on their own vehicles, etc. They also put forward a claim for cost coverage of their own work related to the appeal, as well as consultancy fees relating to the use of Protect Sápmi and independent legal counsel. Furthermore, the district put forward a claim for a barrier on the construction road near Gampvannslia and that the bare ground track be closed during the construction stop period in the autumn, from 1 September - 1 October, between Gampvannslia and Iskløfta.


The appeal is being considered by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE).


The restriction periods will remain as decided by the NVE. The Ministry is of the opinion that the periods in the prior decision are sufficient. Any compensation for loss will be assessed during the case of appraisement that has been brought before Nord-Troms District Court. It will not be considered in connection with a construction plan. The issue of barrier fences towards other siidas (Sami communities) has already been settled, through agreements with the other districts.  The cost and benefit of e-bells at a total cost of NOK 2 million do not justify the effect that they might have. Furthermore, it is not possible for the Ministry to order closure of the bare ground track up to Gampvannslia.


However, Lákkonjárga is granted compensation for having to move tagging fences near Iskløfta. Statnett is ordered to cover the costs associated with this. The Ministry believes that Lákkonjárga should be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits associated with moving the fence.


"Statnett is pleased with the MPE's appeal consideration. We have previously offered to cover costs associated with moving the fencing, which we regard as a highly relevant action," says Stig Gøran Hagen, who is responsible for dialogues with the reindeer industry. "To ensure sufficient progress in the summer season, it was important to us that the construction halts, which in Lákkonjárga already extend to more than three months each season, were not extended further,” Hagen adds.


Statnett will now engage in a dialogue with Lákkonjárga in order to follow up on the Ministry's decision to cover the costs of moving the fencing. All costs associated with the work must be documented, and the acquisition processes approved prior to implementation. 


Read the full reply to the appeal here. (link to the document).


The decision is final and cannot be appealed.