Statnett is still assessing how the electricity connection between Smestad and Sogn best can be upgraded.  The assessments will clarify whether the power cables should be installed in a trench or in a separate cable tunnel.


The electricity connections between Smestad and Sogn substations are so old that they need replacing to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to residents in Oslo in the years to come. The two earth cable connections, which date from 1955 and 1977, must be replaced in a few years. Statnett is now assessing possible solutions.


In June, test drilling was conducted in the area to examine the soil conditions.


- Among other things, the depth to rock was assessed and information obtained about weak rock zones," says project manager Kjell Rønningen.


The results showed that it is technically feasible to build a cable tunnel between Smestad and Sogn, which means we will continue our assessment of both the trench and tunnel alternatives during autumn.


Going forward, comprehensive assessments will be made both for the trench and tunnel alternatives, and we aim to submit the licence application by the end of the year/early next year. Until then, we will not have any new information about the project.


When the assessment work has been completed, Statnett will apply for a licence from the NVE for the Smestad-Sogn cable interconnector. This is scheduled to take place early in 2015. As part of the NVE's licensing process, a consultation will take place, where all affected parties will have an opportunity to provide comments.  Licences for the energy sector are considered in accordance with the Norwegian Energy Act.