The public meeting took place at Smestad School on 3 June and the Norwegian College of Physical Education and Sport on 4 June. The meetings were organised by the NVE, and Statnett participated.


The NVE opened the meetings by informing the participants about the regulatory requirements and the licensing process. Then Statnett explained the process prior to the application, the content of the application and how the work may affect the surroundings during the construction phase.


After a coffee break, it was time for questions from the audience. Some participants wondered if their energy wells would be affected by the plans. Others had questions about traffic and noise during the construction phase. Nobody disputed the need for upgrading the Greater Oslo main grid.


The Greater Oslo Grid Plan appreciates questions from the surroundings and encourages everyone who has any input to the licence application to send this to the NVE before the consultation deadline on 26 June 2015.