The current Hamang substation at Sandvika in Bærum was built in the 1960s and is an important hub for the power supply to Asker and Bærum. The station has reached the end of its technical lifespan and must be updated to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to people in the area in the future.


In 2014, the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy granted Statnett a licence to construct a compact station facility at Hamang. The choice of solution entailed postponed completion of the new substation due to adaptation for construction of the new E16 highway. The chosen solution also triggered a need to implement temporary measures at the existing substation to ensure acceptable security of supply until the new station has been completed. The necessity of temporary measures at the current facility was part of the decision basis for the chosen solution for the new substation.  


Acceptable power supply to Asker and Bærum

Recently, Statnett has worked on detailing what temporary solutions are required and what impact these will have on security of supply. The temporary measures for Hamang substation, for which Statnett has now applied for construction licences, will provide Asker and Bærum with acceptable power supply until the new station has been completed. The temporary measures are scheduled to be operational in 2018. After the temporary measures have been implemented at the current substation, the lifespan of the facility will be extended by about five years.


The application is processed by the NVE, which means any input to the application should go to the NVE. The licence application is available on the NVE’s website.