This is an important milestone in the project and necessary to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to Asker, Bærum and Oslo in the future. The current facility is old and needs updating. An increase in the electricity consumption has also triggered a need for increased substation capacity, says Executive Vice President Håkon Borgen.


A new substation at Hamang will not only improve security of supply, but also facilitate establishment of 132 kV into Asker. This means the existing 47-kilovolt power line Hamang-Berger can be demolished over time.


Statnett applied for a licence based on two equal alternative solutions for remodelling the Hamang substation. One alternative was a compact station facility (SF6 facility) located on the opposite side of highway E16 and thus also on the opposite side of the current facility. The other alternative was a conventional, open substation facility on the existing site.


The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has now granted a licence for construction of a compact substation facility.