Snow on the power lines

When there is a heavy snowfall, the snow can sit on the power lines, and eventually the live cables can become so heavy that they hang down lower than normal. When that happens, the distance between the ground and the power line can be reduced to the point where it becomes dangerous to walk below the snow-laden cable. There is also the danger of ice and snow falling from the power line. To prevent dangerous situations occurring, it is important to maintain a safe distance between live power lines and people and animals.

If you discover a power line hanging abnormally low to the ground, you must notify us immediately on +47 71 68 90 20 so that we can send out our engineers to remove the snow. Stay well away from the power line.

Otherwise, you may hike in areas where there are high-voltage power lines, but with the following restrictions:

  • It is not permitted to climb power line towers without a permit
  • It is not permitted to climb over fences into transformer substations
  • After heavy snowfalls or when power lines are weighed down by ice, we cordon off areas that are not open to the general public


Other unusual situations to report

  • Holes in fences
  • Landslides or avalanches near to power lines
  • Damage to installations