The Nokia DWDM-solution has been used in our fiber network to provide communication in our national data-transmission grid.

Capacity: 44 channels at 10Gb/s pr. channel.

The equipment has been installed in two periods (2011 and 2016). Some of the spare equipment is still in original packaging.

The equipment will be dismantled, and available for shipment, over the next two years.

Overview of Nokia DWDM transmission solution

  • 35 nodes (two shelf solution of Alcatel Lucent 1830PSS32)
  • 10 nodes (one shelf solution of Alcatel Lucent 1830PSS4)

The original price of the equipment was approx. 2,7 M EUR (excluding most of the optics). Asking price is 948.500 EUR Statnett prefers a sale of all the equipment to one or a few buyers, on an "as is where is" basis.

The equipment is being replaced as we need to upgrade the capacity in our network, and have entered into a framework agreement with a new supplier. The condition of the equipment is, in our opinion, good and we have had very little operational disturbance using this equipment. The equipment has been running in a controlled environments (heated and with low humidity).

We are open to organizing an inspection of the equipment for potential buyers.

Please send indicative or firm bids for this equipment to Morten Trøen, by 15.09.2023. Statnett will select the bids with the most favorable terms, including, but not limited to price, delivery terms, buyer financial standing etc. Statnett reserves the right to close the sales process at any time, or extend the bidding deadline.


Non-coherent Nokia DWDM transmission solution
Illustration of the equipment