People living in the Oslo region are completely dependent on electricity, and expect there to be power in the socket whenever it is needed. In a modern city, even short power outages will have consequences for businesses, public institutions and private households.


The current grid operates with 300 kV. With new cable lines and substations, the grid will be upgraded to 420 kV.


- With higher voltage the grid will be able to transport about 60 percent more electricity. This will secure the supply for those living and working in the Oslo area, says project manager Kristin Melander Vie.

Power production

There is hardly any production of power in Oslo and Akershus. In Akershus the electricity production constitutes less than 4 percent of consumption. Oslo produce close to zero percent of the electricity used.


- In order to be able to transport enough electricity to Greater Oslo we have to upgrade the grid. This will make it possible to meet the future demands of security of supply, urban development and environmental solutions, says Vie.

Facilitates increased population growth

The increased capacity will also facilitate the increased population growth Greater Oslo will experience in the future. Oslo is the fastest growing city in Europe, and according to Statistics Norway, 860 000 more people could live in the region by 2050.


- More people means a need for a more robust grid. That is what we are building, says Vie.