The following contracts were awarded:


  1. Ofoten – Kvandal, 51 km:                                                      Rebaioli
  2. Kvandal – Bardufoss, 73 km:                                                  Conzortio Italia 2000
  3. Bardufoss – Balsfjord foundations, 31 km:                             Nettpartner (tidligere Istad)
  4. Bardufoss – Balsfjord tower erection og stringing, 31 km:    Conzortio Italia 2000


It was a solemn session on Rica Narvik hotel and executive vice president Elisabeth Vardheim signed the contracts on behalf of Statnett. 


Picture, from the left: Conzortio Italia 2000, Nettpartner og Rebaioli (two people) and Statnett.