Lont will remain in the position until a new CEO is in place, at the latest by the end of January 2021. He will remain at the disposal of the company until mid 2021.

"I have informed the Board of my intention to step down after 12 years as CEO. The company has undergone a transformation over the last decade, ensured security of supply and overhauled and upgraded the transmission grid to facilitate the transition of the Norwegian energy system," says Auke Lont.

After a decade with large investments in the transmission grid, Statnett is receiving increasing amounts of requests for grid connection, from both power generation and consumption, as well as electrification of existing ventures. At the same time, the power system is undergoing a digital revolution and energy systems are more interconnected across grid levels and national borders. The power market has also become more effective and complex, in which Statnett's role as a facilitator is important.

"We are entering the decade of electrification, and it is time to leave the helm to the next generation to steer into the electric future. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to lead the competent and passionate staff of Statnett through these exciting times," underlines Mr. Lont.

Prepared to start the recruiting a new CEO
The Board of Statnett is starting the process to recruit a new CEO of Statnett. A successor is expected to be in place in time for Lont to vacate the position at the end of January 2021 at the latest.

"On the behalf of the Board, I would like to extend our gratitude to Auke Lont for his work in leading Statnett and developing the transmission grid since 2009," says Chairman of the Board, Jon Fredrik Baksaas.

Work remains to be done on the path to the electric future. Investments will have to be made to facilitate new ventures, and aging facilities need to be upgraded. At the same time, a digital push is needed to ensure the transition to an increasingly complex power system. During times of substantial investments, Statnett has continuously ensured security of supply and solid financial results.

"Under the leadership of Mr. Lont, Statnett has delivered a high level of security of supply and laid down the foundations for the realization of national climate ambitions and the development of new green business ventures in Norway," concludes Mr. Baksaas.



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