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Webinar on Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2023

On 25 October, the Nordic TSOs will release the report Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2023. We will present the key findings of the report at a webinar for stakeholders the same day. Welcome!

Recording from the webinar

The recording will be available until 17.11.23. See answers to remaining questions. 


The purpose of this webinar is to offer insights into the evolving energy landscape of the Nordics. We aim to give you as stakeholders a snapshot of our full report, setting the stage for future, in-depth discussions and engagements. Stakeholders will be able to ask questions and comment on the report.

  • Time: Wednesday 25 October, 10:00 – 11:10 CE summer time
  • Place: Online via Teams-link
  • Target audience: Stakeholders, policymakers, and industry professionals

This will be an open event, no registration necessary. Just click here to join the webinar!


We will share our perspective on the transition towards net-zero emissions, the changes in the energy sector, and the challenges related to the increasing integration of power electronics in our grid, along with updates on key Nordic projects. The program will provide

  • A quick summary of the expected development in the energy system towards net-zero emissions.
  • Introductory insights on the role and challenges of Power Electronic Interfaced Devices (PEID) in our power systems.
  • A brief on the bilateral grid connections and grid development initiatives in the Nordic region.


Please don’t hesitate to contact johan.longard@svk.se in case of questions about the webinar.