There are only a few minor tasks to complete before Stangeland can officially finish the groundworks for Statnett’s new sub station in Bjerkreim. Most of the work on the access roads for the area is also complete. All that remains is the final asphalting and the construction of a bridge over the River Ogna for the huge transformers that are to be brought in this autumn.


An EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract has been concluded with Siemens and Veidekke, which are now commencing operations at the plant. Veidekke is constructing the control building, the transformer shafts and the pull-off structure for the power lines that are to be run into the station, while Siemens will take care of the high voltage installations. Siemens will also be delivering the transformers and the control plant.


“We’re on course to finish in 2019 as planned, allowing the new sub station to receive power from the wind farms that are to be established in Bjerkreim,” relates Even Vandbakk, Project Manager.


The total cost of the new sub station has been estimated at around half a billion Norwegian kroner (NOK). Stangeland won the contract for the groundworks, which are valued at approx. NOK 30 million. The EPC contract is worth NOK 160 million, and Siemens has been awarded additional contracts valued at around NOK 70 million.