As part of the assessment work, we will conduct subsurface surveys in the Hamang-Smestad area during the spring of 2016. The first test drilling will start in the first week of May. We will conduct the drilling using total sounding. This means that we drill down through uncompacted material and another three metres down into the rock. The drill hole is approximately 5 cm in diameter. After the drilling, the hole will be refilled, and the surface returned to its original condition. The subsurface surveys are conducted to establish whether, and if so where, it would be possible to install earth cables. At the same time, we assess the current power line route. Insofar as possible, we try to conduct the subsurface surveys on public land. If we need to drill on private land, we will contact the landowner in advance to obtain approval for this.


In connection with the assessment work, we also need to conduct seismic measurements in some places. The purpose of seismic measurements is to determine the depth to solid rock, the type of uncompacted material and thickness of subsurface layers, as well as the quality of the rock. Combined with test drilling, seismic measurements provide a good picture of the subsurface rock formations in an area. Going forward, Statnett will continue the assessment work for the Hamang-Smestad interconnector, and we are planning to apply for a licence from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in 2017. During the licensing process, the NVE will submit the application for consultation, and all affected parties will have an opportunity to give their comments.  Licences for the energy sector are considered in accordance with the Norwegian Energy Act.


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