Today, the production from Mel power plant is in NO3 (Central Norway). Experience from the operations of the power system after commissioning of new power production facilities shows, however, that there is normally a separation in the grid north of the power plant, implying that Mel power plant should be in NO5. Upcoming changes in the power system will reinforce this situation. The border between NO3 and NO5 will be changed from the power line Mel-Grindsdalen to Myklebustdalen-Mel.

The bidding zone interface between NO3 and NO5 in the 420 kV transmission grid, remains between Høyanger and Sogndal.

"Mel power plant delivers its production to the 132 kV power grid. This lower voltage grid does not transmit as much power as the larger power lines," says Executive Vice President System Operations at Statnett, Peer Olav Østli. "In this region, the operational situation changes during the year because of river power plants and wind power plant where the production cannot be regulated. Our experience is that the separation is now mainly on the 132 kV lines north of the Mel."

With the adjusted interface, 52 MW production capacity will be moved from NO3 til NO5. Today, the power production capacity in NO5 is approx. 6000 MW. *)



*) The numbers used here are numbers for installed power. The total figure for NO5 is the forecast for installed power for the winter 2021/2022.