The power line is 90 km long, and the route will run parallel to the existing 132 kV power line from Rafsbotn and across Sennaland, with the exception of a different crossing point over the road at Leirbotnvatn. From Skillemoen, the power lines will run parallel over the river. From there, the existing 132 kV line will continue to the Raipas substation, while the new power line will run along a new route across the Tverrelvdalen valley and the Transfarelv river.


The deadline for submitting tenders is 1 February, and according to the plan, a contract must be signed by the end of May 2019. Construction is scheduled to start in autumn 2019.


The RFT also includes reconstruction work at Skillemoen – where the two current 132 kV power lines will run through a new substation – as well as the relocation of the existing 132 kV line along a 1.6 km stretch at Sarves.


The power line is to be built with a 420 kV capacity but will operate at 132 kV until the need increases. This means that it is currently unnecessary to prepare the Skaidi substation for a 420 kV line.


Skaidi substation is undergoing reconstruction, from an outdoor, air-insulated installation to an indoor, gas-insulated installation that will require significantly less space.


All RFTs and signed contracts are listed under documents on the project page.