The power supply to parts of Hordaland and Bergen is highly vulnerable. During cold and dry winters, power supply to this area does not meet the standards it is common to assume in Western countries.

There are currently only two power lines into the area; one from Sunnhordaland and one from Sogn. When it is dry and cold more power is consumed than is produced in the area. So much more power is used that neither of the two lines that carry electricity there can manage transmission alone. Should a fault occur on one of the lines - or facilities that are important to these lines, consumers must be disconnected to prevent overloads and even more extensive and lengthy power outages. About 35 000 households will be disconnected.

The Sima-Samnanger power line will increase transmission capacity, ensure the supply of power and handle future consumption changes. The line makes it easier to maintain and convert existing lines. The line will also provide increased capacity out of the region during the summer season, making it possible to realise plans for new renewable generation.