Statnett has entered into amicable agreements with most landowners and rightsholders. The remaining affected parties will be compensated based on a judicial assessment. This case is scheduled at Ofoten District Court between 24 August and 2 September.

Statnett was awarded the final licence for construction and operation of the 420 kV power line from Ofoten to Balsfjord from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy on 28 August 2013. At the same time, a permit was granted to expropriate the necessary land and rights. Statnett requested judicial assessment for the stipulation of compensation and potential measures while at the same time initiating a dialogue with landowners and rightsholders in order to achieve amicable agreements.


Statnett sent out the first amicable agreements for acquisition of land and rights for the Ofoten – Balsfjord project in October 2013. "After negotiations, we have reached amicable agreements with most of the 450 affected landowners and rightsholders," says Kirsten Faugstad, Project Director for Ofoten – Hammerfest.

Faugstad adds that, "based on a comprehensive assessment, we have determined that it is most appropriate for the remaining issues concerning compensation for the relinquished land and rights to be subject to judicial assessment".