Statnett and the entrepreneurs will tell about the project and the work to be done. The meetings will be held at the following places:


17th of June at 7:00 pm in Bardufoss,
at Bardufoss Hotel:
Transmission line between Bardufoss and Balsfjord, and
re-construction of Balsfjord and Bardufoss

18th of June at 6:00 pm at Sætermoen,
at Bardu Hotel:
Transmission line between Kvandal and Bardufoss, and 
the demolition of 132 kv transmission line between Kvandal and

19th of June at 6:00 pm in Narvik,
at Rica Narvik Hotel:
Transmission line between Ofoten and Kvandal, and
re-construction of Ofoten and Kvandal sub-stations


Coffee and light refreshments will be served - welcome!