Statnett recently received the decision from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for substations on the Ofoten – Balsfjord section.A total of four substations will be rebuilt: Ofoten, Kvandal, Bardufoss and Balsfjord. The NVE has also approved the CEMP plan for demolition of two 132 kV power lines between Kvandal and Straumsmo.

They reflect the input received during the limited consultation.

The CEMP plans have been prepared to describe the necessary considerations for the external environment and other aspects as evident from the terms and conditions in the licence. CEMP plans must be approved by the NVE before construction starts.

CEMP plans for power lines finally approved by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE)
In November 2013, the NVE approved the CEMP plans for power lines on the same section, i.e. Ofoten – Kvandal, Kvandal - Bardufoss and Bardufoss – Balsfjord. They were appealed and sent to the MPE for a final decision.

The MPE has now processed the appeal, and decided to reject the appeal. CEMP plans for power lines on the Ofoten – Balsfjord section have thus received final approval, with the minor changes adopted by the NVE in November 2013.