Kobbvatnet substation

Landscape and substation

In 2009, Statnett initiated an investigation into the possibility of building a transformer in Kobbelv. This was at the request of Nord-Salten Kraftlag (NSK), which wants to connect more renewable production in the region to the grid. A new transformer in Kobbelv would also improve security of supply in the region.

The NVE granted a licence to Statnett in 2013 to expand the installations at the Kobbelv power plant, with an order to survey the risk of rockslides first. NSK was also granted a licence to expand the Gjerelvmo substation and the connection to Gjerelvmo.

The survey of the risk of rockslides revealed that an expansion of the Kobbelv power plant would require extensive and costly safety measures. For this reason, Statnett has decided to apply for a licence to build a completely new substation at Kobbvatnet – about 2 km from the facilities at Kobbelv. This also entails re-routing 420 kV power lines in the area.

A new licence application was sent to the NVE in March 2017, and in February 2018, the NVE granted a licence for the construction of a new substation at Kobbvatnet.