"We have all the necessary documentation in place, the contractor has set up in the area and work can now start," says Jacob Grønn, project manager for the 420 kV Balsfjord – Skaidi power line.


The work will start by constructing foundations for each tower site, and will start at both ends of the power line - from both Balsfjord and Reisadalen.


The Italian company Rebaioli SPA is our power line contractor for the section. They have entered into a contract with Baas Entreprenør AS and Duci Norge AS for the construction of tower foundations.


Duci will start on the first power foundations from Balsfjord substation and northwards, whereas Baas will start on the power foundations from Reisadalen and southwards.


The first towers will be erected in the spring.


Construction of the next subsection, from Reisadalen to Skillemoen, will start in June 2017. Eltel Networks is the power line contractor for this section.