Construction of a 420 kV power line from Balsfjord to Skaidi will take place sequentially. Start-up of the first subsection from Balsfjord to Reisadalen will take place this autumn. We will therefore prioritise holding public meetings there. These have been scheduled as follows:


-          For Balsfjord and Storfjord municipalities:

  • Thursday 20 October, Vollan Gjestegård from 18:00 – 20:00 hrs.

-          For Kåfjord and Nordreisa municipalities:

  • Thursday 3 November, Halti Næringshage/kultursalen from 18:00 – 20:00 hrs.


The Italian company Rebaioli SPA will be the power line contractor for the Balsfjord - Reisadalen section, and will participate in the public meetings together with Statnett. The property owner liaison from Statnett will also participate, to answer questions and clarify with the affected landowner.


Construction of the next subsection, from Reisadalen to Skillemoen, will start in June 2017. Public meetings for affected municipalities on this section will be held at the start of 2017. Eltel Networks is the power line contractor for this section.