Croatian Dalekovod D.D. was this week awarded contract for the construction of 420 kV  powerline from Skillemoen to Skaidi.

-We are very pleased with the interest in construction in the north, and Dalekovod pulled the longest straw this time, says project manager in Statnett, Jacob Grønn. -Dalekovod has had several assignments for Statnett in recent years and is well acquainted with Norwegian conditions and the requirements we make for contractors, Grønn adds.

The powerline is 90 km long, and the route will mainly run in parallel to the current 132 kV powerline.

The power line will be built for 420 kV, but will be operated at 132 kV until the need increases. This means that the Skaidi transformer station is not prepared for the 420 kV power line in the first instance.

Construction starts on September 1st.

The deadline for filing a complait is set to April 24th.