About the grid plan in Greater-Oslo

Why do we need a new main grid in Greater Oslo? What gains to we get by upgrading the grid? Read more about the Greater Oslo Grid Plan.

  • A more robus grid in Greater Oslo will make it possible to use climate friendly solutions, such as phasing out oil boilers and rapid charging of electrical vehicles.

  • Increased capacity in the new main grid in Oslo and Akershus will be able to transport more electricity with fewer lines. This will eventually make it possible to free areas in both Oslomarka and i...

  • In a modern city life, we depend on electricity, and the need for electricity is increasing. An upgraded grid will have enough capacity to supply Greater Oslo with electricity in the future.

  • The grid in Oslo was built from the 1950s – 1980s. Many of the lines and substations are old and needs to be renewed, regardless of how much the power consumption increases.

  • The main grid in and around Oslo is old and needs to be renewed and enhanced in order to meet the future demands of supply security, urban development and climate friendly solutions. The Greater Os...