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The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) has granted Statnett a final decision for construction of a new 420 kV power line from Namsos in Nord-Trøndelag County via Fosen to Trollheim in Møre og Romsdal County.

Statnett originally applied for two projects in connection with this power line: Namsos-Storheia and Storheia-Trollheim. In 2010, the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) granted Statnett a licence for development of Namsos-Storheia and in 2012 for the section from Storheia to Trollheim. In the MPE's final decision the two projects were merged into a single project, which will be part of the main grid.

A new 420 kV power line from Namsos to Storheia is being built to realise wind power projects on Fosen, since the current grid on Fosen does not have the capacity to absorb the new energy production. The MPE has granted a permit to develop 860 MW of wind power on Fosen.