An elcertificate is an electronic document granted to producers of new renewable electricity for each MWh they produce. From January 1st 2012 Norway and Sweden have had a common market for elcertificates.

New built renewable power plants are entitled to elcertificates following certain criteria and approval by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). Power consumers, with some defined exception, are obliged to cover a certain amount of their consumption with elcertificates (quota obliged consumption). For most consumers the suppliers handle the elcertificates obligation. The quota increases gradually until 2020. The system is scheduled to be phased out in 2035.

Statnett SF is appointed issuing body of elcertificates by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Entitled producers, quota obliged parties and others that want to open en elsertificate account have to apply for this to Statnett. The Norwegian Energy Certificates System (NECS) keeps track on all issued certificates, account holders inventories, transactions and the annual settlement process.

Guarantees of origin

A guarantee of origin (GO) is an electronic document proving to a final customer that the corresponding 1 MWh of electrical energy was produced from renewable sources. This guarantee is unique.

The Renewables Directive 2009/28/EC specifies that all producers of renewable power have a right to receive guarantees of origin for their renewable power production, on a request from the producer. The Norwegian Energy law § 4-3 states that Statnett has a duty to issue GOs.

NECS is the registry for GOs in Norway. GOs are issued based on meter values from the Norwegian balancing settlement.

Statnett is a member of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). The AIB runs a communication Hub for transfers between the different registries. The standard European Energy Certificate System (EECS) is developed by AIB. Norwegian GOs follow the EECS standard.

Apply for an account in the Norwegian Energy Certificates System (NECS)

Detailed information on how to apply for an account in NECS is found in the document list below. In NECS you will find both application form and terms (only in Norwegian).