On 9 October 2020 the Nordic TSOs published the Common Market Design paper on the NBM webpage. The paper gives an overview of the common imbalance settlement model proposed to be implemented in the Nordics on 1 November 2021. The paper was open for stakeholder feedback, even if not on a formal consultation.

The Nordic TSOs received feedback from a total of eight Nordic stakeholders to the paper. Furthermore, we received feedback to the paper from five additional stakeholders, indirectly through the Swedish consultation on the national aspects of the BRP fee structure.

We would like to thank all stakeholders for input both on the informal common Nordic consultation on this paper and for the national consultations in line with the EB Regulation in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Nordic TSOs have carefully read the feedback received and prepared a common response, which can be seen in the document “Input from Nordic stakeholders to the Common Market Design paper and response from the Nordic TSOs”.